Product strategies to attract, engage and retain your clients

Declutter your product strategy in days by using proven methodologies. Deyan has over 10 years experience with multi-nationals and startups all over the world.   

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Workshops with Deyan

Over the years I have developed (and adopted) methodologies for assessing product launch potential, addressing product deficiencies, and improving user engagement. I have tested and refined them full-time in the past decade.

The Startup Stressor

Go to market | Product market fit | Business model | Scaling

The goal is to challenge your project's worldview. We will scrutinize your Vision, Strategy and Business Model.

Your Target Markets, User Personas, Core Offer, Sales Channels and your Scale Hypothesis better have some good answers.

The workshop enfolds naturally, depending on the preparedness of the team and the areas which need attention.

The outcomes from the Startup Stressor are to develop or confirm your product strategy, increase the chances for product-market fit, define an MVP and touch upon your roadmap.

If you get value out of it, you will be left with a ton of to do's which we can continue to tackle together (at a discount).

2 days | 2,400 Euro

Engagement Strategy Evaluation

User engagement | Acquisition | Conversion | Retention | LTV

I have spent serious time developing engagement strategies for the gaming and online retail sectors.

This workshop will assess your current engagement metrics, user touch points and journies, and ultimately the opportunities to improve.

It is very likely that we will perform some sort of user research and test alternative user flows.

The workshop involves a short session with your business domain experts, a few days of work on my part, during which I might need assistance and data from your team, and a concluding session on which we discuss my findings and suggestions.

3 - 5 days | 4, 600 Euro

Competitor Analysis

Competitive Environment | Offer | Niching | Business Model

The competitor analysis involves a deep understanding of your sector and therefe starts with a session with your business domain experts.

This is a serious endeavour and will take some time. Depending on your industry and competitive environment, it could take between two and twelve weeks.

You will receive a comprehensive report with suggestions impacting your operations and/or roadmap.

2 - 12 weeks | Contact for offer

Design Sprints

Go to market | Prototyping | Validating Assumptions

The design sprint solves a particular product problem. Your whole team (or department representatives depending on your team's size) will be involved, although not throughout all sprint days.

This is a strictly timed workshop that should output a solution to a problem, a test design and test results.

It's a methodology which you could adopt in your team to use without external facilitation once you get the hang of it.

5 days | 5, 200 Euro 

If you are interested in any of the workshops above or potential other collaboration, just drop me a line and I will get back to you with details for your specific case.

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Some people have found me charming, others useful. Some exist who think I am both.

Engagement strategy for 10Bet

“Working with Deyan was a blast. His enthusiasm for quality and creativity made a real difference. Highly recommend him if you’re looking for someone who’s all about pushing for the best in product development and team collaboration.”

Merav Keren

Executive Director at Fuse Media

Collaboration on new app with Nudge Digital

“Exceptional through testing circumstances which is the mark of a consummate professional. I would work with Deyan again.”

Luke Aikman

Founder @ Nudge Digital

Co-crafting a comprehensive loyalty program

“Deyan possesses an uncanny ability to delve deep into the science of human behavior, understanding the nuances that drive engagement and loyalty among customers.”

Grigor Grigorov

UX Guru

Let's talk loyalty

I have dedicated thousands of hours during the past three years to researching human behaviour, behavioral triggers, and user engagement. I have worked on the loyalty programs of Wynn Las Vegas, GAN, 10Bet and others.

The loyalty program I built for 10Bet from scratch has automated the distribution of rewards amounting to tens of millions of dollars and has provably increased user conversion, activity levels and overall turnover. According to 10Bet BA's the effect on deposits and turnover can be counted in hundreds of percent. The program is currently being used on 4 continents via the Open Tag platform.

You will be able to purchase my comprehensve book on human behaviour and loyalty programs soon.
In the meantime, just get in touch.

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Some of my results

Improved user conversion @Pokerstars
Increased user engagement @10Cric
Reduction in bonus spend @10Bet
Continents using my loyaly program

About Deyan

Deyan Deyanov image

My product journey started more than 10 years ago.

I have been lucky enough to launch and grow products as an employee, consultant and a business owner.

Before my product career, I got the chance to explore business from the lenses of sales and business development, financial management and advisory.

My work has moved the needle by 100s of percent in multi-national companies and startups.  
I am good at launching new products efficiently and improving user engagement with existing ones.

I have spent numerous years in the gaming industry devising strategies for improving user conversion, retention and life time value.

Along the way I have co-founded:

Carrot Digital Site link

Carrot is a company which gathers the best people I know. Together we rock and roll digital projects from start to finish covering every element with the right specialists.

Baby Plants Site link

Baby Plants is a project aiming to revolutionize the way we grow and consume our food. It is based on a socially responsible business model which distributes 10% of revenue to charitable causes.

VISIT Baby Plants >

The Bulgarian Association of Software Product Managers is the first official product management organisation in Bulgaria which I co-founded with Boris Rangelov of Boolean Product.


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