What am I doing...now.

Inspired by a long time hero of mine (Derek Sivers) this page serves as a location for short updates on what I am doing right now. Web pages can become outdated pretty quickly and sharing just the shiny portion of things online ain't cool anymore.

May 2024


Product consulting is still 100% on.

Baby Plants
A few years back I created a small micro greens company exploring a socially generous business model (distributing 10% of turnover to local charities) - you can read more about it at https://www.babyplants.bg.
Microgreens are unsurprisingly not the main economic driver in Bulgaria (where I live) and I have been thinking about expanding the product variety. Currently I am exploring opportunities for launching a series of healthy snacks (sweet) which is a de-facto pivot. Let's see what happens.


I have been somewhat impatiently waiting for the wind to pick up an will be off to Turkey's Gokceada for a good three weeks in June. Drop me a line if you have any plans of visiting.

Last year one of the walnut trees in my yard completed it's natural cycle of life as a tree. It's something which I remember from my childhood days and did not want to part with it lightly. I picked up woodworking and currently have made 3 coffee tables (and have materials for 4 more). I will post images with my next update

Parting thoughts: It looks to me that scary experiences (not necessarily physical) are the key to actually living life. Comfort is good, but scared comfort is better.